T.J. Hilvert
T.J. Hilvert
Organization: MSJ Football
Position: Quarterback

An incredible quarterback for the Mount’s football team, T.J. Hilvert was a great student-athlete. A football standout at Elder High School, he loved the game but was unsure of what direction to take in his college career until Tim McDonald, an assistant football coach at the Mount, began to recruit T.J. It was a meeting with Mount Head Coach Ron Corradini that sealed the deal for T.J. to become a member of the Lions.

T.J. played a crucial role in bringing success to the Mount’s young football program. The team members worked together to strengthen their skills and mentor the younger players along the way to build comradery. In his second year, T.J. led the Lions to their first winning season. “I was so happy for the seniors and the coaches who helped start the program. I was proud to be a part of it all,” he said.

A skillful player, T.J. broke many football records over the years and he continues to hold the records in: 6,657 total yards, 461 passing completions, 902 passing attempts, and 47 touchdowns. His achievements on the field earned him an All-American Honorable Mention in the “Football Gazette” in 1997. His coaches and teachers were his role models, who offered him guidance on and off the field.

As a business administration major, T.J. took an interest in the fast growing field of information technology (IT) and chose it for his career path. A cooperative education position at SCH Technologies led to a full-time job after graduation with Coca-Cola. T.J. continues to live out the lessons from his football days – he believes that collaboration and working as a team are instrumental in achieving success both on the field and in the work place.  Today he is a senior IT project manager at PNC Bank, where he leads his project teams like he did the football team.

It was a chance meeting in the Mount’s training room where T.J. met Jeannie Kirch an outstanding player on the Mount’s stellar volleyball team, who is now his wife. He credits Jeannie for pushing him to work harder throughout his career.

Jeannie and T.J. live is Cleves, Ohio, with their four children: Jake, Holly, Harry and Lizzy.